Official Photo and Film Policy

Official Photography Policy

Taking general photos or filming events is only permitted with explicit permission from the game owner (Scott Neeley: Only members of SOLAR may take general photos or film events; no outside sightseers or documentaries are allowed.

All members of SOLAR are always permitted to take photos of themselves or others who have given explicit permissions to do so, away from general game-play. All requests to be excluded from photographs or videos must be respected.

Photographers should not be in the way of game-play or combat, and should always avoid heated In-Play encounters or serious Role-Play, as photography can break immersion.

Any person taking photographs should be in a white “Out-of-Play” headband while taking photos.

Flash Photography should never be used as it is both a safety issue (night blinding) and a distraction from immersion.

Official Photo Posting Policy

Members of SOLAR should not be tagged in any Social Media photographs unless those members choose to tag themselves.

It is the preference of SOLAR and its members that SOLAR Photographs and video be limited to private Social Media accounts (such as the SOLAR Facebook Page) to avoid unwanted tagging and public distribution of images.

Note: Members of SOLAR have faced disciplinary action from their employers because of their involvement in SOLAR related activities. Yes, employees can be fired from their jobs because of their hobbies. Georgia is a “Right to Work” state, meaning that an employee can be fired for any reason.

Any person that requests the removal of their photograph must be respected.