Official Child Policy

SOLAR Child Policy

SOLAR has, and always will be, a Family Friendly organization. Many of our players have met their future partners and spouses at SOLAR and have brought their children to events. We like to call these wonderful additions to SOLAR our “SOLAR Babies.”

Our yearly Festival Event, the 4-Day celebration held Memorial Day Weekend, is the perfect environment for children to explore the SOLAR World. Games and tournaments are held all day (either Saturday or Sunday) and children 13 and under may come and play during the Festival Games for free.

SOLAR also has an official age requirement.

Because the content of the game is hugely adult, and because our game is a high-intensity combat LARP, our game-play is often not appropriate for small children. There are a number of concerns for small children, including:
-Extreme Adult Content (including Violence, Hate, Gore, Death, and prolific Tobacco Use)
-Extreme Adult Language (language is not restricted or moderated at SOLAR)
-Heavy Physical Contact (which can produce serious injuries resulting in emergency hospitalization)
-Emotional Distress (this is a Player versus Player [PVP] game and conflict is encouraged)
-Environmental Dangers (the State Parks have little to no nighttime lighting, little to no walking paths, hundreds of unoccupied acres of dense forest, and wildlife [including venomous snakes and insects])
Playing SOLAR in the safest of conditions has resulted in serious injury. All players play at their own risk.

The following is SOLAR’s Official Child Policy as well as some suggestions from parents who have brought their children to our events for many years.

-All Players must sign Legal and Medical Releases prior to play.
-All Players must attend and complete a New Player Safety Course and Orientation prior to play.
-Any person over the age of 14 may play SOLAR, but any person under 18 years of age must have signed Legal and Medical Releases from their Legal Guardian.
-Children under the age of 14 may attend SOLAR events but must always be accompanied by their Legal Guardian at all times.
-Children under the age of 14 must have express permission from the owner, Scott Neeley, before attending SOLAR events, for every event they are seeking to attend.

The following are non-official suggestions from long-time parents of children at SOLAR:
-Children under 16 should not Monster after 8pm.
-Children under 14 should not Monster at any time.
-Children under 14 should ONLY play with an Orange Headband after 8pm
-Children 10 and under should ONLY play with an Orange Headband at any time.

All Legal Guardians should carefully weigh the possible risks of SOLAR before allowing any child, 17 and under, to play SOLAR. Serious and extensive parental guidance is always advised.