Construction Materials
  • Ace Hardware - For the Boffersmith, 35 packs of pipe foam.
  • Do-it Best - Excellent online source for 4 packs of insulating pipe foam.
  • Denver Fabrics - Great prices on fabric, around 50% off.
  • Find Tape - Excellent source for Tape.
  • Hancock Fabrics - Great prices on fabric and patterns.
  • Indian Trail Hardware - The BEST local source for pipe foam, this guy sells more than anyone in the Country (literally) because of us. 1155 Indian Trail Rd, Norcross, GA Phone: (770) 921-5075.
  • JoAnn's Fabric - Nationwide resource for fabric, tools and costume patterns.
  • JoAnn's Fabric Printable Coupons - Use this website and you never have to pay full price for fabric. It's been my little secret for a while now.
  • Lowes - Local Source for PVC Pipe
  • Lost Coast Patterns - They carry the Period Patterns™ brand patterns, which are amazing as well as other sets.
  • Patterns of Time - Sewing patterns for every period.
  • Tandy Leather - Leathercrafter's supplies.
  • The Ring Lord - A good source for chainmail and scalemail materials and tools.

Costuming - Accessories

Costuming - Armor

Costuming - Clothing
  • Crimson Gypsy - A wide variety of original formalwear, corsets, bodices, dresses and men's doublets.
  • Damsel in this Dress - Beautiful bodices priced between $65 and $300.
  • Garb the World - A world of costumes and accessories.
  • House Morningstar - Manufacturer of historical clothing and accessories for LARPers.
  • House of Dra - Well made Renfaire clothes made of natural materials
  • Lara's corsets and gowns - A wide variety of women's period clothing from the renaissance to the early 20th century.
  • Moresca - Known for their amazing brocade bodices
  • Pendragon Costumes - Specialists in leather and suede doublets, bodices and accessories.
  • Period Corset - Complete resource for historic undergarments.
  • Renaissance Wardrobe - For all you fine Renaissance clothing, Bodices, skirts, dresses, Waist Cinchers, capes, Doublets, pants, and vest for all ages.
  • The Renaissance Store - Chivalry sports store for every LARPer's costuming needs
  • The Tudor Shoppe - A veritiable department store of period costuming, armor, and props. They have costuming for every price range.
  • The Very Merry Seamstress - A wide, original design selection of Renaissance Faire, Pirate and Elizabethan bodices, waist cinchers, bodices for wenches, pirates, gypsies and more!
  • Wolfgaard Armoury and Supply - Armor, costuming and accessories. Not for those on a budget.

Costuming - Footwear
  • House of Andar - Renaissance style hiking boots. The best boots the Webgod has ever owned.
  • Sod Hoppers - Fine custom leather boots. Not for people with empty pockets.
  • Son of Sandlar - A wide variety of leather footwear.
  • The Renaissance Store - Chivalry sports store for every LARPer's costuming needs


Friends of SOLAR
  • Awalim - The most amazing belly-dancing troupe you'll ever see. Polished and skilled and some of our favorite people.
  • Georgia Park Service - The fine folks that maintain the parks we frequent.
  • K Rain Leander - As I live and breathe, I dance.  And blog.
  • LARP.COM - Our kind web hosts. They are the best.
  • Rain's Dance Group - Rain's Dance Group is one of Durham's newest professional contemporary dance companies. Directed and founded by K Rain Leander, Rain's Dance Group develops, nurtures, and presents contemporary performance art, using local new and upcoming talent.
  • The Devil's Panties - Webcomic by our own Jennie "Talia" Breeden.
  • US Military - Standing guard for our freedom. Thank you for serving.
  • Profantasy - Home of the Mapmaking program Campaign Cartographer 3 and other awesome software
  • The Elder Party - The Stars are Right. Cthulhu 2008. Support the dread lord's campaign and his campaign manager, SOLAR's own Margaret Poplin.



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