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Game Owner: Scott Neeley

Game Managers: Brian D., Dan C., Kristian R.

Storytellers:  Craig Sanford, Whitney Cook, & Joe Groves

Clanthia Plot 2018: Feel free to submit your event summaries, between event actions, etc. Character histories should still be submitted to, and questions from our newer players (YAY NEWBIES!!) should be directed to

Head of Plot:  Keith Head


Clanthia New Player Committee:

We welcome emails from new, prospective, interested players, parents of teenage players, players returning from a long break, visiting players from our sister chapters, and even current players.  If we cannot answer your questions, we will get you in touch with someone who can.

Head of Clanthia New Player Committee:  Abby Hilton

New Player Liaison: Sheila Dow


 Head of Logistics: Stephanie Craven

Character Sheets: Scott Neeley (Preferably handled in person at an event.)

Event Summaries:

Emailing Plot and Between Event Actions:

Clanthia Character Histories Archives:

Please send histories to, with the subject

“[Player Name]- [Character Name]- History”. …

Example subject: “Chris Haley- Vindicare- History”

Submitted histories will be reviewed to ensure they are suited for the game and a reply will be sent when the history becomes approved.

If you have already submitted a history to the old archive, we have already swapped them to the new account. If you are unsure, feel free to resubmit your Character History to the new account.

Please review the following before submitting your history:

Nominations for Outstanding Roleplay:

An online Rate the Event survey will be posted on the Facebook Page after each event. Please use these to nominate players for outstanding roleplay and makeup.

Tavern Questions:  Joey Schmermund & Jacki Schmermund- Preferred method via Facebook Messenger. Email method via – Online payments via squarecash $JoeySchmermund

Race Marshal Contact List:

SOLAR 2017 Schedule:


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