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The Baronies of the Sutherlands

[Map of the Known Lands]

Darkholme – Beyond the mountains of Sudbyr and northwest of the Sutherlands proper lie the lands of Darkholme. Bound in the west by the Sea of Tears and north by the River Treylon, this dark land has a long and mysterious history, though it is much shrouded in rumor and innuendo. What is known, however, is that in 597 the realm of Darkholme became the Barony of Darkholme and subject to the rights and privileges thereof. Shortly thereafter, in 599, the Barony was cut off from the outside world by a wall of mist held apparently by pillars of bone seen from the outside that would keep its secrets within and all others out for five years. Though their home was cut off from them, many of their members remained in the Sutherlands and wore their colors with pride.

When the walls finally came down, rumors came to the populace of the Sutherlands of the horrors that befell the citizens of that Barony. About how their once great capital became a necropolis, inhabited by powerful undead and that those undead made war with each other and the inhabitants of the land. Of course, this is all rumor and only those who bore witness to what occurred there know the truth of the matter.

Since the citizens of Darkholme have been able to return to their home, the Barony has recovered quickly and is once again one of the mightiest and certainly most feared in the Sutherlands.
Major Cities:

Port O'Sonya — Located at the mouth of the Treylon River, the port city of O'Sonya on the Sea of Tears is one of Darkholme's biggest trading posts. It is also a well-fortified, strategic military point, housing Darkholme's navy. Once the great stone walls protecting the city from intrusion were finished, Morgrim Thaonin declared this to be Darkholme's capital city. Peoples from near and far visit this port to sell and buy goods, and many come with hopes to glimpse a ghost ship rumored to be under Darkholme's control. The residents are diverse, salty, and always full of good stories.
Everhate — Ruins of this once great city surround the re-built stone buildings of the new town. At the heart of the town is a stone citadel from which the military operates, protecting the townspeople that subside mainly on trade from the heart of the Sutherlands and from the dwarves that live in the nearby mountains. Miners, craftsmen, and other tradesfolk call this town their home and many take pride in the fact that no matter what darkness befalls the lands of Darkholme, they always endure and survive. Rumors abound that the evil that once dwelled there behind the veil of undeath still may lurk in the extensive catacombs beneath the old and new town.
Scylla — A few days north of Everhate in the center of a dark forest lies the town of Scylla. Once rumored to house spiders of monstrous size, denizens of the underdark, and in darker times – an army of wraiths, little is known of the town's true origins. The town now acts as a base camp for foresters and trappers that hunt the creatures of the forest that surrounds them, peddling their wares in the market there or in the south.
Absinthium — The northernmost city in Darkholme, Absinthium's gothic architecture and broad streets set it apart from most cities in the Sutherlands. Its fountains and public gardens are renowned, and its people consider themselves to be interested in the "finer things" in life. It attracts traveling sculptors, musicians, stonemasons and other craftsmen, but few choose to settle there, so far from the Kingdom's center.
Lohbrah — At the border of the Barrow Downs and south of Port O'Sonya is the town of Lohbrah. The smell of rotting vegetation and sickly humid air of the surrounding swamps will greet the visitor to this town. Most of the inhabitants make their living by fishing on the rivers and lakes that dot the area nearby, but all tend to stay away from the Barrow Downs as all those who enter are rarely seen again.
Omerah — A few days northeast of Port O'Sonya is a fairly large, walled city located at a fork in the Treylon River. In the north, the river goes over a fairly high waterfall, emptying into a lake below. From there, the river splits and creates an island upon which is Darkblade Keep. The river continues south and eventually becomes several small streams beyond the southern wall of the city. The light colored stone of the recently constructed buildings stands in sharp contrast to the black slate of their roofs. The city attracts those citizens of Darkholme destined for the fields, as the city possesses within its immediate area some of the only fertile land in the Barony.
Other Towns and Villages — Darkholme is a very harsh realm, with little in the way of fertile land, so smaller villages are few and far between. Many ghost towns can be found throughout the lands. Most mortals that live within the Barony of Darkholme cluster around the few large cities that have been constructed and fortified, so that they might easily hide behind the heavy walls during attacks, and rebuild after them.

In-Game Darkholme citizen role-playing tips (for new players): It is unlikely that most residents of Darkholme have lived there their whole lives. They probably migrated to the region after the wall of mist surrounding it fell, or had escaped beforehand, taking refuge in another land, only to return later. Either way, Darkholme is a very harsh place to live -- most people who make it their home have strong survival instincts that come before any preferred moral standing.

In Play Rumors:

  • Darkholme is a mysterious land filled with many secrets. There are many a tale that surround the tall mountain referred to simply as "the Maw". Home once to undead dragons, its current residents (or lack thereof) are unknown.
  • South of the Maw is an area known as the Barrow Downs -- a land that all know is a place that you do not return from. There are ruins scattered across the countryside, from both the years of the Ghostwind, and those before.

Isles de Honig – A series of islands make up this barony along the eastern edge of the Sutherlands. It too, has seen its share of devastation, both natural and man-made. Arcane, Kraken, Sea Monsters as well as unnatural storms have decimated this land in times past. Her people are skilled sailors and fisherman, and trade their catch to those non-seafaring people who can make what is needed for them. The vast majority of the people are humans, but there is a sizeable portion of sea elves who keep to themselves, as well as a rumored Mystical Island that is the home to many Elves working in harmony.

Major Cities:
New Eit – Home to one of the first Noble orders in the lands, the Knights de Eit. This city in it’s first version was the oldest in the Sutherlands.
Gille – one of the better harbors in the Isles, her War fleet often makes berth here. The marines who call upon this port are free with their gold and enjoy a game of cards while telling tales from the sea. Old sailors speak of a Tavern in this port which contains many mysteries.
Fort Kynhelm/Wolfshead – The town and military base, that guards the port of Clarion Island, sits astride the mouth of the narrow bay, framed by the island's famed white cliffs and in the shadow of Castle Kasagi. A practical arrangement of shops, homes and fortifications, the bustling town and bordering fort reflect the stylistic visions of the creators: Tallyn Kynhelm and Kasagi No Yuritomo. Naiponese artistry punctuates the rough simplicity of the defensive structures. As the majority of the citizens are refugees or the children of refugees, the culture of the city is a diverse collection of fashion, diets and art. Fishing, marble, olive groves, and fleece provide the primary sources of income, along with the mercenary trade. Nearly every citizen of the city is related to or does business with the Company of Wolf and the Wolfguard that call the Fort Home.
Dragonwatch – High on the cliffs of Tek Island lays the newest of the Isles' cities. This multi- cultural city of trade is easily recognized from the sea by the brilliant, prismatic glow that emanates from the Lightwell's two ends: both above ground from the maw of a statue of a rearing dragon and below ground where it illuminates the cavernous sea harbor. In the shadow of the Coral Keep and the Lightwell a great deal of trade and cultural exchange occurs on a daily basis, both above ground on the island's surface and below ground at the harbor.
Other Towns and Villages – The Isles is dotted with many small fishing communities, who make their way by living off the ocean. The citizens occasionally travel to one of the larger cities, such as Eit or Gille to obtain items they can't fashion for themselves.

In Game Isles citizen role-playing tips (for new players): A Sailing or Seafaring background is almost a must, or a reason you were born in the Isles as a non-sailor. All professions can be from here, including Pirates and the Cut-throats. These are often your neutral type people, who take wait and see attitudes, show patience, etc. As always this is just a guideline, not a requirement.

In Play Rumors:

  • There is a pirate city in a secret cove somewhere in the Isles. Only those with the permission” of one known as the Pirate King may enter here safely. Supposedly all manner of goods are available here if you know the right people and speak the right language, gold.
  • The Leviathan is a great beast seen occasionally that feeds on any and all creatures who come near him. He reportedly killed The Kraken that had plagued the Isles shipping lanes for some time. Who knows, is there more to this then just a hungry beast?
  • The ancient Sea Elves can be found here if the right approach is taken to contact them.
  • There is rumored to be an open Planar Gate to the Plane of Water deep in the ocean near this Barony, where Water Elementals of monstrous size can be found.

La Rochelle – This is a flat land, made of large plains and farming fields. Horses still run wild in sections, and the finest cavalry in the Sutherlands resides here. This land is bordered by the strange nomadic tribes, as well as large populations of raiding orcs, goblins and their kind. The proximity of these goblinoids has forced the people here to always be ready to move quickly, and defend each others land. The population is almost exclusively human, with no other races in any numbers present. They provide most of the food production for the Sutherlands, so this Barony is always strongly maintained and guarded by the Nobility of the land, including King Devron who makes his Capital here.

Major Cities:
Clanthia - Much of this rugged city is discovered by coming to each event, as this is where we have our gatherings. Located a few miles outside Clanthia, perhaps 30 minutes at a hard run is the Castle of King Devron.
Tiksylvan - The site of more then one epic battle between the forces of the Sutherlands and her opponents, this city has been razed several times, and rebuilt each time. The people here are have taken an almost pragmatic view of this, and carry on with renewed vigor each time. Many different craft goods can be found in the trade stalls here, including the valuable herb that is used in many healing draughts.
Vidalis – Once home to a large library of many disciplines, sadly it was burned and ransacked during one of the wars that have plagued this land. It is rumored that there are still scholars and scribes in the area that maintain a hidden repository of knowledge that they were able to save before the last invaders arrived. How to find them is anyone’s guess, though.

In Game La Rochelle citizen role-playing tips (for new players): Knights, Calvary, Gypsies and the like, farmers, traders, orcish types, as well as adventurers or court dignitary types. Remember those who are from this land will not likely have legal representation in the case of trouble, a Noble from another Barony would represent you.

In Play Rumors:

  • There are strange magical properties in and around the area where Clanthia stands that draw creatures of power to the area. What they do and how they use this power is anyone’s guess.
  • For the right price, the goblinoids from the lands south will occasionally trade one of the rare items found only in their land.

Rossanoe – with all of its borders protected by friendly baronies or natural obstacles, this is the most civilized of all baronies. It is the center of learning for most of the Human race, and the other demi–human races have all set up embassies here, as well as several other fantastic races such as Giants. It is commonly held if you need something, you can find it in the huge markets of the Capital city, and if it is not available during the day, then you can probably find it at night, for a price. This prosperity has of course brought other elements such as very active Thieves guilds and the like, who tax any they can. The nobles of this land are forever trying to control this aspect of the Barony, but none yet have had success.

Major Cities:
Trestar - Capital of the Barony, and the major port city of Rossanoe.
Rossille - The Northern Jewel.... Some of the finest swords and armor come from here. The dwarves soon found that they could sell their skills as metal and stone workers here for a great price. They (the Dwarves) have built wondrous walls and buildings here to show off their skill. This is one of the most protected cities in all the Sutherlands.
New Sutherland City - Founded after the destruction of Sutherland City in 597, this is growing town. Most of the survivors settled here after their beloved city was leveled in the attack by the Arcane. There are rumors of a small but strong Loyalists movement of some type, making its home here.
Issoria - The Military Academy of the Sutherlands is the primary support for this town. Visiting soldiers and other officials have caused a lively collection of pubs, taverns and other places of this type to prosper in support of the hard working Military that frequent the town after their long days of training.

In Game Rossanoe citizen role-playing tips (for new players): Knights, Calvary, Horse lovers, Gypsies etc are from here. People with a military mindset for their characters, as well as rogues, merchants, scholars, pretty much anyone can be from here. Dwarves from the northern mountains occasionally make their way down and settle here to take up trades such as jewelcraft, blacksmithing, etc.

In Play Rumors:

  • There is a rumored “city council” in Trestar that runs many aspects of this Barony. They are all human, and will only favor those who are human. Barons of other races are typically faced with unusual amounts of civil strife and unrest. Perhaps they are part of the Thieves Guild?
  • The dwarves that come down from the mountain ranges are extremely skilled in their arts, and are able to make items that contain special properties.
  • A hidden pass in the northern section of the Barony leads safely through the mountain to the lands beyond. This pass is guarded by a powerful group of brigands who tax any who wish to pass.

Sahde – Called the elven barony for a good reason, it is made up of a large population of elves. There is also a sizeable population of halfings, and other fantastic races such as Mystic Wood Elves, Fae, Fairies, and assorted Sylvan races. The exact population can only be guessed as the elves are somewhat reclusive and do not welcome outsiders past certain public areas of their lands. This seclusion increases as you approach the borders of their immense forest. The Baron of the land rules at the will of the Royal Elven Families. If they become displeased, then the baron almost always seems to “resign” very quickly. Sahde contains one of the finest schools of Celestial magic in the land, rivaling the Great School of Magic in the Capitol of Rossanoe, and almost all of Druid-kind make their home here, tending the forest, and furthering Nature and Balance.

Major Cities:
Parc Foret – The Capital City of the Elven Barony. Towering tress, beautiful structures and many other natural works of art can be found in this city. A vast variety of Shops, Schools and Magical Learning Centers are located in and around the city.
Hobbleton – Home to the Hobblings, and a haven for many crafts people. They work closely with the elves and are treated as full citizens of Sahde by the ruling elves. The finest food and beverages can be found here, as well as teachers for many craft skills.
Tustor – A military outpost that houses a good portion of the elite archers of Sahde, this city is well protected and doesn’t welcome visitors without an official pass from the Baron in the Parc Foret. There are rumors of magical bows here that have been made by the High Mages of Sahde for the elites, which can pierce through all armor of opponents.
Boge' – The home the Mystic Wood Elves, or Sylvan Elves as they are often called. Originally settled by Northern explorers, the town was slowly absorbed into the Elven nation.
Finis – A town that is often frequented by Gypsies as a place to sell their wares before moving on to the paths that they only know. Often times you can find rare or magic items for sale here, but the origin of these items is at times “questionable” and the smart buyer learns quickly not to ask too many questions!
Orsono – a town close to the border of Rossanoe, many years ago it supported a lively center for trade, but has slowed down in recent years due to wars and other factors. Now it supports a modest sea trade, as much of the town has slowly moved towards the coast.

In Game Sahde citizen role-playing tips (for new players): Almost all of Sahde in-game are elves or the like, or trying to become one. They are diverse in their skills and often dress in the green of nature to reflect their homeland. People here generally respect Balance and Nature, and are in tune with such things as the Druid’s Grove or Ranger’s Glade. Like all things, this is up to the individual and you may be an outcast of the land.

In Play Rumors:

  • Deep in the old forest can be found several Undead, rumored to be ancestors of and have sway with the Royal Families.
  • The Mystic Order of the Ancients can be found here during the spring and summer months, including the reclusive Golden Elf.
  • Somewhere deep in the woods of Sahde is a hermit who holds many secrets.
  • The elves are occasionally struck by a severe plague that weakens many and kills some of their kind. No magics seem to be able to cure it, and its origin is shrouded in secrecy.
  • Granite Point Mountain – This strange landmark has an origin that is shrouded in mystery. Many claim that a Dragon formed this mountain, others say that a force of Nature did the same. Yet others claim it is haunted by many types of Undead, who only emerge at certain times of the year. What is known is that some who adventure here are never heard from again.

Sudbyr – A land that is rugged and harsh, its people are very reserved in their actions to outsiders. This is a land that has been ravished by Undead, Dragons, Orc, Arcane, and other calamites. Its people have rebuilt many times, and have become accustomed to the presence of Undead, and Undead are viewed as a necessary evil to allow them to survive. In times past dwarfs have dwelled in their mountain fortresses here, as well as orcs in various keeps and camps around the land. The land itself is rough and rocky in many places, with a small section of swamp in the southeast corner and a bit of Forest in the north. The population is very mixed, the most diverse of any barony, with the narrow majority being human, but large populations of just about any race included. Dwarfs, Drae, Dark Dwarfs, Orc and others all make their home here in sizeable numbers. There is reputed to be a Necromancer guild that has many lost Rituals at their disposal here.

Major cities:
Verfel – A very old dwarven stronghold that has frequently worked with the rulers in Sudbyr. The city proper has been destroyed at least twice, and each time has been rebuilt. There is supposedly the largest Mithral vein in the Sutherlands under this city.
Argent – this walled city guards the eastern pass that leads into the heartland of the barony. Guarded check points question any and all who seek entrance to the plains beyond. This is also the trading center of Sudbyr, where those who survive in the barren plains come to buy and trade for items brought from the Sutherlands through the Argent–Marce pass. In the mountains somewhere nearby is reputed to be an Ancient Mausoleum.
Botan – Once a great orc fortress in ages gone by, perhaps built here to make war upon the elves to the north. It has been destroyed several times, but is always rebuilt by the Sudbyrians. Even today some small presence of orcs can be found here watching the elves.
Marce’ – The political capital of Sudbyr, most of the conveniences of the modern world can be found here. A library, school of magic arts, arms trainers and other teaching centers are all present.
City of Tears – rumored to be the home of several exiled heroes/villains from Sudbyr’s past. Those who look for them should be cautious as they don’t often welcome strangers or anyone whose loyalty to Sudbyr is questionable.

In Game Subyrian citizen role-playing tips (for new players): Many dark races such as drae and dark dwarves are in the barony, as well as just about all other races. Sudbyr has a rep for being a dark barony, with shady dealings and shady people. Many of its people wear all black.

In Play Rumors:

  • There is a resurrection circle in the down position with no one alive invested to it.
  • Supposedly the “citizens” of Sudbyr have been digging a very long underground tunnel towards the Sahde border for years, for some unknown purpose.
  • The largest entrance to the Underdark is located in these lands, and many drae and dark dwarves can be found here at night, not always for legitimate purposes.
  • At night the central plains of the land will be awash with free roaming undead, all seeking a release from their state of unrest.

Outsiders – You do not have to be from one of the 5 baronies, there are lands outside here. Those in a barony enjoy the protection its nobles and forces can offer. Clanthia is a dangerous city for sure and often time laws only apply is someone is watching!

Additionally for New Players: New players should seek out the Baron/Baroness or Seneschal of a Barony if they want to be an official citizen of that Barony. This is an in-play process, and can be one of your first goals as a new character. Simply ask around town, in play, as your character, and go with it.
The information contained in this document is considered In-Play and may be used as such.