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In the beginning was darkness and the void was stretched across the face of the multiverse. From out of the darkness came the light, an ancient light, the light of the Aelumari. This ancient race shaped our world and the planes that encompass and serve to eternally define this place, this nexus of all reality.

In the wake of the eternal struggle between the dark and the light, the Dragons were born. And, for a time, the dragons ruled. Yet, stirring in the caves of eternity the inheritors of Tyrra were awaiting their birth and their turn to rule.

Upon the face of Tyrra, Elves and Dwarves reared their heads to defy the darkness, the reptiles, the Sarr and the Scavengers, the Hobblings and the Gnomes, the Orcs and the Ogres, the ancient Fendari and the Arcane all rose up in the shadow of their progenitors to forge a new world. Eternally they returned to this place, this center of all things.

The fey creatures, from the forest realm of Eirin, came seeking and heeding the call of these lands, faeries, wood-elves from both the Courts of Light and the Courts of Darkness. And yet the darkness that was in the beginning waited.

Finally the men came, and moved upon the land and made it their own. In some cases the men made war with the older races and oft they learned to make peace with their neighbors, yet still, the Men prospered in this land.

As time passed a kingdom was formed in the ruins of the ancient past and from that kingdom was born an empire. The Empire of the Sutherlands.

Now, in this place we call Clanthia the ancient darkness rises again, the ancient battle has begun again, perhaps for the last time...

With our enemies allied against us... the final hour has come, subjugated, we await an our hour of deliverance.

Tallyn Kynhelm
The Order of the Owl