Storyboard 12/26/2017 via Keith Head

(OOP: The following only occurs to your character if you as the player decide for it to, and if your character would be in a situation that would allow for the occurrence to happen)

To the West, past the Sea of Tears the storm has grown and darkened, with arcs of black lightning reigning down from the sky over the land in the distance. As looming as it may be, the storm doesn’t cross the sea and the various peoples of the Sutherlands are able to go about their day to day lives without much interruption. Most people only show a mild wariness of the activity, almost as if they hope it will just go away if they pay it no mind. You’ve perhaps experienced some odd occurrences over the past few days, however. Things that have caused you to be more on edge than usual. From terrible plays, haunting dreams, and even an overly keen awareness of the goings-on in your local area.

Perhaps because of this paranoia, a Human dressed brown and tan traveling clothes stands out to you. They look as though they’re dressed for life in a desert of some sort, and are huddled in blankets. You approach, but at almost the instant you move the Human looks towards you… Or rather he would if he had his eyes exposed. Instead, he wears a thick black cloth tied about his covering them entirely. He smiles politely and motions you towards him. You approach, and he speaks.

“Ahhh, you’re one of the ones we’ve been looking for! I’m so very glad to have found another. Now then, I have a message for you. Before I give you this message, I must insist this message is only for you and your kind, those who carry the touch of the Nexus in the air about you. Now then, down to business.”

The Human turns his head as though he would be looking off into the distance were his eyes not covered. His body relaxes and he starts speaking as if reciting from memory.

“Each of us should have remained sealed, forgotten entirely as our final deed in order to protect the future from the ruinous ones. Now the ruinous ones, the Bane of civilization, are all but gone and SHE has been remembered. We do not know our own names, but we know hers and we know her defining deeds. In her final hour, she invoked the Will of the Martyr and helped to erect the great wall to seal away those who would destroy the survivors of our Kingdoms. She gave her life for all of our people, and so, in turn, we will help to save her from her most consequential liberator. Time is short, and we can feel what remains of her essence fading. Know that Friday evening on your gathering at the Nexus, one of us will appear to offer aid should any of you value courage over life.“

The Human shakes his head, and his usual posture returns and he speaks in an apologetic tone.

“I’m so sorry, but that’s all that I have to relay. I hope whatever it all means, that I’ve been able to offer some measure of assistance to one who has helped free our people from isolation. Now, unfortunately, I must be on my way for the night is coming and I don’t fare well in the cold or without the sun.“

The traveler excuses himself and wanders away leaving you to your thoughts and choices.

(One more on the way before the event. See you Friday the 5th Folks! LIVE IT)

via Keith Head