Storyboard 12/21/2017 via Keith Head

Hands reaching for you

(OOP: The following only occurs to your character if you as the player decide it would affect you and if your character would be in a situation that would allow for the occurrence to happen)

Over the past few weeks, your nights have grown somewhat more restless. It started with simply waking up in the middle of the night, having trouble getting back to sleep. Eventually, you begin to remember some of the dreams that you wake from. Images without context creep their way into the back of your thoughts: The sound of stone crumbling, a skeletal hand with black ichor flowing from its bony fingertip onto a stone pillar covered in chains, an immense feeling of stress from when you’re pressed for time and you simply don’t have enough of it.

This night, in particular, is different. Tonight you wake up with panicked breathing, feeling as though you’ve almost just drowned somehow. You remember a set of eyes looking at you, glowing with blue and purple energy, and filled with a mixture of anguish and worry. You remember the eyes slowly fading behind the black ichor, eventually going dark entirely. The last thing you see is a circle of sixteen candles, each half black and half white and with a purple-blue flame. A skeletal hand appears from outside the circle, and with its outstretched finger extinguishes a single flame with dripping black ink. You wake as the eyes re-emerge and ignite with a nightmarish red blaze, followed by a hollowing scream filled with pain and fury.

You’re not able to sleep for the remainder of the night. You try to busy yourself through whatever means you employ to idly distract yourself. Morning comes, you make your way out of your sleeping area, and are welcomed by a grey and cold morning. Off in the far distance somewhere far westbound of the Sutherlands and across the Sea of Tears, you see the sky is darker than what would be normal, and a storm begins to churn.

Each night you experience some semblance of the same dream. Each night an additional candle is extinguished by a skeletal hand. Each night the Gathering of Heroes draws closer, and time is running out.

(Keep an eye out for more over the next week. January is coming, get pumped!)

via Keith Head