Storyboard 12/21/2017 via Keith Head

(OOP: The following only occurs to your character if you as the player decide for it to, and if your character would be in a situation that would allow for the occurrence to happen.)

As you mill about your day, plying your trade, traveling, or studying and the like you catch wind of a play to be performed starting shortly. Curiosity gets the better of you and you approach the show.

Each of the actors looks weary and apathetic, with absolutely no air of charisma or authority. In fact, these are probably the two worst actors you’ve ever seen, each of them even reading their lines from a script in their hands. They wear no costumes or masks of any sort and instead are dressed in plain traveling clothes.

One of the actors speaks.

“ And when, LOYAL FRIEND, should I visit you as you work on the daunting tasks of your master?”

Another actor speaks, almost purposefully and looking directly at every member of the audience.

“ The time must be the BEFORE SUNRISE of the day of our GREAT DINNER, for any later and surely my ‘master’ will find more tasks for me to perform. Once I am done cleaning, polishing, and adorning HIS GIFT for the one he HOPES TO WIN”

The first actor spits as the second mentions the term ‘Master”, and then speaks.

“But you were once a great defender and our great bearer of our ADAMANTINE SHIELD, why must you perform the disdainful acts of your master, like polishing and GIFT GIVING ?”

The second actor retorts, showing no emotion and reading from his script.

“ It is because I placed my trust in someone who betrayed me, and handed me over to him. They were a LIAR. LIAR, LIAR, A LIAR, I say! And now I am subjugated to do the tasks for that crippled hobble-footed man until my freedom is earned”

The first responds with finality to the second.

“The surely you SHOULD EXPECT true friends to appear, and then you can shrug off your tasks and duties and perhaps this woman your master hopes to win will scorn him. I know this woman, and she is regal and willful, and surely does not entertain the idea of your master purchasing her affection with such a CORRUPTING GIFT. Alas, as your TRUE FRIEND, I will help you earn your freedom BEFORE the SUN RISES on the SIXTH DAY OF THE MONTH…”

The first actor then turns to the audience, and continues to speak:

“Unless I am, in fact, no true friend of yours, and am only a LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!”

The two actors take a slight bow, signifying the end of their very terrible play. The second actor cheers up and puts forth a warming smile as he addresses what little crowd remains.

“ Do not feel the need to show gratuity for our play, for we have already been well paid by our troupe patron to bring you this.. entertainment? Though strange as it was our benefactor did not reveal his name or his face, only a weighted purse and the instruction to perform far and wide.”

With that the crowd begins to boo the performance, some of them throwing rotten food. The two actors hastily leave the area and continue out of town.

(I hope everyone is getting amped up. There will be more in the next few days, I’ve gotta keep all of you on your toes. Oh yeah, something something “The Only Wrong Decision Is To Make No Decision”. I dunno why I’m saying that, but somehow it seems relevant? Cheers, folks!)

via Keith Head