Storyboard 12/21/2017 via Keith Head

(OOP: The following only occurs to your character if you as the player decide for it to, and if your character would be in a situation that would allow for the occurrence to happen)

-A Letter, Tacked On A Local Village Message Post-

My Dearest Water-lily,

I hope this message finds you, even though I must not use our real names.I know I sent you away for your protection, and it was for that protection that I made sure I wouldn’t ever know where to find you. Oh how I wish I had learned the higher circles of magic so that I could message you directly, but there is no time for that now. I’m being sent into a storm on the horizon, instructed to command a contingent of our Displacer Beast. I was told I would receive my exact instructions when I arrived on Friday.. but I worry because there was scarcely enough food stored for the journey there… And surely nothing left for the journey home. I’ve been having terrible dreams lately, and I get the nagging feeling that what I’m about to do is related to them somehow. I know we’ve been through so much, and I’m sure you resent me for sending you away but please realize it was because I love you and I wanted to protect you and our child. I wanted them to grow up in a Kingdom that has plentiful harvest and fair leaders, not like us that remain here with such scarce food supplies for the soldiers, much less the citizens. Maybe if I do well on whatever my mission is, I can ask to be released into retirement. Surely after all I have done for our leaders, they will see my merit and grant my request, I just know it. Truth be told, I only ever picked up a sword to earn the rations that I was able to supply us with when we were together. Know that no matter what happens, we will fight fiercely and I will do whatever I have to in order to return to you. If for whatever reason I don’t make it, I hope that by sending you away with our child will afford you both a better life, a better chance. There is a reason I sent you to the Kingdom of hope. My business should be concluded by Saturday morning, January 6th, at Sunrise. If I am able I will send word to you, and arrange a way for us to meet. If you do not hear from me by then and must assume the worst, you must petition the leaders of whatever city you reside in for work and board as I will no longer be able to send the coin to support you. If the worst should happen, tell our child that I loved them… But never tell them what I did before I was conscripted. They deserve to grow and flourish without the Sins of the Father weighing them down like shackled weights. My time is short and I must go. I’m sorry I won’t be able to send this month’s stipend as I’m allocating it to copy this letter in duplicate and sending it to every major city I imagine you might be. I hope this message reaches you, and I hope my actions will ultimately lead to your happiness.

Eternally yours,

Summer Sun

(Still more to come, keep your eyes peeled! Also, we always encourage everyone to be in-costuming and in-play as soon as possible. Get ready to LIVE IT)

via Keith Head