Plot 2018

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Hello SOLAR family,

I wanted to take a moment to answer some of your questions that have been trickling my way over the past week or so, and regardless how I play my character I don’t enjoy keeping people in the dark. So, as it turns out, I’ll be serving as your 2018 Head of Plot! (Keith Head) Let me tell you my team and I are more excited than we maybe ought to be. Our email is currently up and running and is So feel free to submit your event summaries, between event actions, etc. Character histories should still be submitted to, and questions from our newer players (YAY NEWBIES!!) should be directed to If you haven’t filled out your Online Event Survey’s, make sure to do that because there is a super useful question in there about what would you like to see more/less of in the game that my team and I will be paying close attention to! As for my team? I can’t spill all the surprises just yet, but I will say there are NINE of us, including myself. I know we’re going to need all of us to pull off the level of entertainment and opportunity we want to provide to each of you. Oh, and keep an eye on the forums over the holidays, there may be some storyboards that will rise up here and there.


Via Keith Head on Facebook

Page 241 of the Rule Book covers Eps value
(EP Value = Character Level x Multiplier)
Event Summaries – Level x 3
“This Experience reward is given to a player for every event summary they submit to the Clanthia Archive.”

And they must be done in the proper format; No Eps for a jumbled mess of an email.