CALL FOR ART! Happy Holidays SOLAR family, we’ve run through the proper channels and I can now officially make a call for artwork for the SOLAR Shop with real GOB rewards. I will send the GOB information to logistics after artwork has been submitted with a signed form and approved for use. (PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY)

Want to sport your colors on a shirt, phone case, or wall hanging?

Send me your barony or group’s banners, logos, class-based shirts, SOLAR fan art, etc. and I’ll put it up on the SOLAR shop so you can print on demand while supporting the game. Rewards for this in GOB: 270 GOB per shirt design with a signed statement that SOLAR has rights to use it (SEE LINK AT BOTTOM OF POST). If it requires additional work done to be printed then it will be 180 GOB (Example: it isn’t properly sized, it needs tweaks that you noticed later, etc.); only finished artwork is accepted, no sketches or thumbnails, no text only designs. Full color or black and white images are accepted. Vector based artwork preferred or a minimum of 7632×6480 pixels if sending in raster artwork (What’s the difference you ask? This:…/l…/vector-vs-raster-what-do-i-use/)

Caveat (IMPORTANT): for non-official art submissions like this (such as baronial or group logo art) please do not include submissions that contain *official* SOLAR imagery like the SOLAR logo or similar official copyrighted elements from the rule book, etc. A small link to the website may be added to garner interest into the community if requested. If you would prefer not to have a link added then specify that in your submission. Official SOLAR shirts are being created separately and I am not involved in that process (for example, the anniversary shirts, which I am not handling). You retain the rights to your art, you are granting SOLAR permission to use it (please see release form).

Mail to: or send via google drive or Dropbox to the same email address ALONG WITH YOUR SIGNED ART RELEASE FORM (*REQUIRED*). I’ll get it uploaded to the shop for you when I have a free moment. Art release form can be found here: