FEAST! FEAST! FEAST! (Saturday, January the 6th, 2018)


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Menu: (Subject to change prior to event)
*Appetizers–demi baguettes with three flavored kinds of butter (basil pesto, honey cinnamon, and sea salt with cracked pepper)
*Salad–garden spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette
*Soup–Creamy tomato basil bisque
*Main course–Roast with mushroom and onion gravy, mashed potatoes, green chili green beans

For those with food allergies, an allergy-free roast and sides will be prepared. For those who are vegan/vegetarian, a vegan-friendly meal will be available. THOSE THAT REQUIRE A VEGAN OR ALLERGEN FREE MEAL NEED TO LET TAVERN STAFF (and myself) KNOW ASAP WHAT THEIR ALLERGIES ARE AND THAT THEY WOULD LIKE TO RESERVE A SPECIAL MEAL.

Feast Logistics:
Baronies, Guilds, and other groups of substantial size (6 or more) need to check in at the Rom cafe with their group size on Friday of the gather to make sure that we have enough seats for everyone. There will be a table for newcomers and unaffiliated. IF you are not interested in attending Feast, we are in need of servers and kitchen staff. You will earn 10 gold/gob per hour plus tips, and also a bonus pay from the tavern staff. Please let Tavern ownership know of your intent to help so they can plan their workers accordingly.

There will be a photo booth available to capture you in your finest attire, complete with backdrop, lighting, and props and there will be entertainment scheduled throughout the evening.


There will be contests for the best-decorated table, the best-dressed couple, the best-dressed veteran player, and the best-dressed newcomer (have to have played less than 12 months at the time of feast). You must sign up for these contests ahead of time (by noon on Saturday) at the Rom Cafe and you must have your photo taken at the photo booth to participate. Photos will be voted on in a survey in this closed group after the event. Prizes will be awarded at the beginning of the first March event.

Talent contest: You must also sign up for the talent contest by noon on Saturday at the Rom Cafe if you wish to participate in the talent contest. Winner will be decided by applause at the end of Feast.

Any questions can be messaged directly to Sheila J. Dow (on Facebook).